How does the HypnoBirthing course prepare you?

  • How HypnoBirthing originated
  • How the myth started that pain belongs to birth
  • How our body reacts to our thoughts and feelings and how it affects the birth
  • You will learn why the female body is perfectly made to bear naturally and in harmony
  • Binding exercises and information that will help you and your birth companion build a deeper bond to your baby
  • What matters when choosing the appropriate place of birth and birthing team i.e. home, hospital etc.
  • What is recommended for a healthy diet during pregnancy
  • A selection of visualization techniques to help your baby on his way into this world
  • You will use self-hypnosis techniques to let go of anxiety and tension and give yourself completely to your birth. You will also be able to activate your physical anesthetic.
  • You will learn special progressive and instant relaxation techniques to further deepen your relaxation
  • You will release yourself from negative thoughts and feelings so that you can look positively at your birth
  • Description of a natural birth
  • You will learn special breathing techniques that support you during the different birth phases
  • How an artificial initiation and a dam section can be prevented
  • What you can do in a natural way if the birth is slow or not progressing
  • The different birth positions that you can take to support the birth of your baby
  • and much more...

What is the role of the birth companion?

The role of the birth companion is very important in HypnoBirthing as he is involved intensively with the preparation and the birth process. A frightened birth companion or if he does not know how to support the mother can have a negative impact on the mother and thus on the birth. He will ensure that you feel relaxed and safe during your childbirth, he will assist you in deep relaxation, motivate you and respect your birth wishes. In this way, you can withdraw completely into your body and enter your deep relaxation so that your body can follow its natural instinct for a gentle and pleasant birth. It is up to you whether you choose your partner, your mother, a friend or a doula.

What will the birth companion learn during the HypnoBirthing course?

  • How to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere for birth
  • Why it is so important that the birth companion reamins calm and relaxed during the birth process
  • Targeted and effective communication with the birthing team
  • How to help the mother during the surges to stay focused, to breath optimally and to stay relaxed
  • Help the mother to reach deeper states of relaxation
  • Ways of motivation during birth
  • Intense bonding with the baby
  • If the birth companion is the father of the baby the partnership can be deepened as well