What is HypnoBirthing?

The English gynecologist Grantly Dick-Read had already explored the subject of natural birth as early as the mid-nineteenth century. He found out that fear and ignorance are the worst enemies of natural delivery, and a birth is not pain but work. A large part of the birth pain is a result of the expectations before the birth; here the fear around the theme of birth is firmly anchored in our culture. In particular anxiety and ignorance about the birth process leads to cramping, poorer blood circulation, higher stress hormone release and thus finally to pain. This is also referred to as "anxiety-tension-pain syndrome".


Marie F. Mongan developed the HypnoBirthing method on the basis of Grantly Dick-Reads` insights and the idea is to prevent this anxiety-stress-pain-cycle. In a HypnoBirthing course, you will learn how your body works and reacts harmoniously with your baby during birth, using various methods of deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, anxiety resolution, and learning special breathing techniques. Your active preparation for birth brings you back into your intuitive power so that your baby can be born in peace, well-being and confidence into this world.


In the US, this method has been used successfully for decades and has helped more than 10,000 mothers to positive birth experience.



What are the benefits of HypnoBirthing?

  • The anxiety-stress-pain syndrome is avoided
  • Chemical painkillers are almost never needed or not needed at all
  • The duration of the childbirth can be considerably shortened as the cervix is opened faster by the relaxation
  • The correct and targeted breathing not only promotes relaxation, but also increases oxygen saturation in the body of the mother and the baby
  • The mother remains relaxed and full of energy during the birth process
  • The relationship between mother, child and father is deepened
  • The birth companion has an active role before and during the birth and is integrated intensively
  • Birth becomes a stress free, beautiful and joyful experience
  • Children in a breech position can also be brought to the optimum birth position even shortly before birth
  • Faster postnatal recovery
  • HypnoBirthing babies are usually more relaxed babies