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A new life is growing within you and so begins a new and wonderful chapter of your life. You become a mother and your child enters into our world through birth, which is a significant and profound moment for both and should be one of the most beautiful days of your life. The birth experience can influence a person for the rest of his life, so give you and your baby a birth as natural and gentle as possible.


HypnoBirthing Mallorca helps you to find deep confidence in your body, the birthing process and to follow your natural, innate instinct. It is a holistic approach that prepares you with extensive information and with methods such as deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, special breathing techniques in order to devote yourself completely to the birth process whether you choose a hospital, at home or somewhere else. This is your way to a gentle, natural, safe and self-determined birth experience.

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Postpartum Preparation

You just had your baby or you are a soon-to-be mother? Then this unique Postpartum Preparation Course is for you!


Do you like to be prepared after giving birth for all the changes in your body, your life and relationship? You would like to know what will help you to be a loving, relaxed and confident mum? And you like to learn how to nurture yourself in the most healthy way and how is the best way to establish relaxed breastfeeding? Do you like to know many ways to pamper and sooth your baby?

Here you find all the answers

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E-Motion Healing

Do you feel stuck in an always repeating loop, which leads again and again to new challenges in relationships, business or health? Perhaps physical issues you have already being manifested? Are you always standing in your own way and have a deep craving to live your true, authentic self, to accept and love yourself for whom you really are?


E-Motion Healing is a healing and awareness method that combines the knowledge of quantum physics with ancient sciences. It helps you to dissolve your conditions through parents and society, to transform traumatic experiences, obstructive beliefs, foreign energies and much more. E-Motion healing supports you to feel deeply and to step into the flow of the here and now and so the process of healing and releasing your blockages can begin. It is a path of self-healing, and only you have the power to heal yourself. It will bring you back to your individual responsibility more and more, so you can become the creator of your life from the heart and live your true, unique nature with an open heart and inner peace

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Human Design

Human Design is a unique synthesis of traditional ancient science and new knowledge from our era. It helps you to understand how unique you are and how unique your needs are. The homogenization of society tells us how we have to be, to feel, to eat, to learn, etc., and perhaps also you have the feeling of being somehow "wrong" and you are always trying to bend and adjust to fit in. Human Design lets you know who you really are and which parts of you are open for conditioning. You will experience your special inner tool, which guides you safely through life and will allow you to make important decisions from a deep knowledge. Because we have been conditioned throughout our lifes, the mind does not serve us correctly, it always leads us into the wrong direction which creates resistance in your life that can be very exhausting and devastating at times. If you let go of your mind and start to trust in your inner guide, you will come closer and closer to your authentic and true self. Learn to love and accept yourself in your uniqueness, and come back to your own strength and flow of life, which unfolds itself to your life’s purpose.